Workshops for Parents

($250, plus travel and accomodations)

Read It Aloud! (Preschool/Kindergarten): Parents will learn comprehension techniques to help engage their pre-school and kindergarten children in reading. At-home literacy activities which engage the entire family are also demonstrated. Participants will leave with a variety of strategies and activities they can take home and use immediately with their child.

Story Tellers (First/Second): Teaches parents how story-telling and book-making can engage children in reading and writing. Parents will learn how to choose books, make books, and create learning experiences from everyday home activities. In addition, ways to increase children’s critical thinking, ability to re-tell and capacity to write creatively will also be explored.

The Write Start (Third-Sixth): Designed to help parents of children in grades 3-6 help their children strengthen their writing skills. Participants will learn how to assist their children with the writing process; personal and academic writing. In addition, creative writing strategies and personal journaling techniques will be shared.


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