Half Day Workshops for Educators

($250, plus travel and accommodations)

“Using Picture Books to Create a Motivated Classroom Reading Community” (3rd-8th grade)
In this ½ day hands-on workshop, educators learn how to integrate picture books into the classroom community to motivate readers.  Participants will learn a research-based framework to motivate students as they work with picture books and create motivating lessons they can use immediately in the classroom to build their reading community.

“Reading Strategically, Thinking Critically: Making Connections with Nonfiction Texts” (3rd-8th grade)
Participants will learn how to incorporate a key comprehension strategy into their read-aloud program and/or content areas through strategy-based instructional mini-lessons, using nonfiction texts in this ½ day workshop.  Educators will learn how to effectively use biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, journals, or letters to model for students how to make connections through an interactive nonfiction read aloud, creating skillful, strategic readers and continuing instruction through guided, shared, and independent reading. Participants will leave the workshop with an action plan to implement lessons immediately in their classroom.

“Integrating Technology into your Literacy Block” (3rd-8th grade) Participants will learn a variety of technology that can be easily integrated into the literacy block.  Learn ways to use podcasts, online resources, social media, and more!



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